In pursuit of happiness and health, I’ve studied yoga, meditation, massage therapy and bodywork. I’ve experienced profound effects through these practices. In my work, I have witnessed clients and students experience their own transformations as well. I enjoy learning and sharing these tools for health and wellbeing along this  fascinating path.

As a seasoned yoga teacher and bodyworker, my lifestyle allows for constant movement in both the physical and geographical sense. In the summers, I have practiced for many years at Koru Eco Spa and Elevation Studio while enjoying island life on beautiful Block Island. In winters, I’ve practiced in spas and yoga studios on the beaches of Costa Rica and in the mountains of Panama and Vermont. Currently, I am close to home bringing my massage practice to the greater Boston area. It is my personal motivation in life to keep the body moving in good health and the mind clear through a practice of yoga, meditation, massage and bodywork. I am excited to help keep yours moving that way too.

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